EARMA - Annual Conference 2018 [Brussels]

European Association of Research Managers and Administrators

24th Annual EARMA Conference Malta, April 16th-18th 2018



[01] BESTPRAC - Learnings and what next - Creating pathways to professionalisation
[02] Do Not Try This At Home - Letting Researchers Own Research
[03] The Profile Doctors - Help to build your publication-CV online
[04] How to become a world top 300 University
[05] How can EARMA help you to build your competence and improve your career as a research manager and administstrator?
[06] What are the factors that shape university research management within small contexts?
[07] The importance of the underlying data
[08] Developing a Research Driven, Global Service Learning Approach to Graduate Education in Research Administration
[09] Centres of Expertise: the Dutch approach for successful academic-industrial partnerships
[10] Transforming analytics for better research governance: Connecting the dots in the scholarly ecosystem to gather tangible insights and deliver value, an institutional (user) perspective
[11] Hiring the right Research Office staff: a project management strategic process
[12] Best practices in communicating with a U.S. federal agency: Proposal to award closeout
[13] Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation strategies for successful Horizon 2020 proposals
[14] The European Research Council
[15] Financial and legal aspects of state aid in the context of R&D&I activities
[16] Data Protection and Ethics Review Process
[17] Getting Ready for Framework 9
[18] Grasp the nettle - Critical choices for research support structures
[19] Growing a Research Culture in an Irish Technological University
[20] H2020 Funding - Tips for Research Developers
[21] Is good role understanding a key to better services?
[22] It’s always MONEY in Bethesda! Foreign applications to NIH
[23] LEAN activities in research administration
[24] Leveraging partnerships for market replication
[25] "Looking the evaluators over the shoulder" - Danish experts in H2020 and their views and work
[26] Lum sum funding: a researchers’ dream come true?
[27] Mapping of the portuguese network of research support professionals
[28] New developments in core research infrastructures: Identifiers for people, funding and organisations
[29] Non-H2020 EC funding Legal, financial and administrative issues
[30] Post (and Pre) Award Cornucopia aka THE BIG VOTE!!
[31] Rethinking Impact – working with a broader definition of impact
[32] Rising stars - Working strategically with talented postdocs and young group leaders
[33] Solving the impact challenge: Making impact work for a university
[34] Succeeding with Marie S. Curie Actions. Methods and experiences from the Technical University of Denmark
[35] The Art of Dissemination
[36] Logic Tree for Grant Writing
[37] The new frontiers of Internationalisation: how Research Administration need to change to address complex challenges
[38] The ultimate RMA support system for ERC
[39] U.S. funding opportunities for european researchers - A ten minute discussion