EARMA - Annual Conference 2016 [Luleå]

European Association of Research Managers and Administrators



21.-22.06.2016, Luleå - Sweden
University of Technology



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being efficient!

Research Managers as Cyborgs

Risk and opportunities in extending our human capabilities with software and machines

We are all cyborgs...

Making Clever Happen

How do you motivate people to do great work?

being future-oriented!

The Evolution of European Research and Innovation Programmes

"Look behind the curtain" on development of EU programmes and strategies in Brussels

Pushing the Frontiers of Innovative Reserach

Research, Innovation and Education in Europe demands a Continuous Investment by Society for Society

Convince the Boss.

being specific!

The Basics & Beyond of Europe’s High-End Research Funding

Very detailed information on applying for ERC-Starting, ERC-Consolidator, ERC-Advanced Grants.

ERC Workflow

The aftermath of an EC Audit

Recommendations on how to „survive“ an audit for a EU-funded project. I found them very useful with a rare „tell it like it is“-approach (and a healthy grain of cynicism)

Two very different audit experiences

Financial Reporting –What’s new?

Hints for Financial Reporting in H2020 – Differences to FP7, details on personal cost calculations, time sheets, VAT and discussion of common errors

Personnel costs: novelties

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