Standard personnel costs and salaries for FWF project proposals (2022)

Employment contract/categoryNo. of hours / weekAnnual personnel costsGross salary per month
Senior Postdoc40 hours78,990.004,454.20
Postdoc40 hours72,030.004,061.50
Doctoral candidates30 hours40,860.002,300.30
BMA40 hours48,370.002,725.30
CTA40 hours40,520.002,282.20
MTS40 hours45,050.002,537.60
TS40 hours36,990.002,082.80
Student assistants20 hours19,680.001,105.10
Marginal employees8,370.00485.85

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Personnel costs concerning collective agreement for the year 2022

PostDoc (>8 years)€ 80.868,99
PostDoc (<=8 years)€ 73.198,57
Praedoc (>3 years)€ 65.360,82
Praedoc (<= 3 years)€ 55.153,39
Sekretariat (IIIa)/Techniker*in€ 39.888,13
Stud.Mitarbeiter*in (20h)€ 20.004,06

Please calculate 5% valorization per year!