Can I combine a work trip with a private stay/holiday?
Can I ask for a travel advance?
Who is responsible for my time and travel management?
What is the salary schemes for University Staff according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement?
Which form do I need to fill out before going on a work trip?
What are the daily and overnight allowances?
Do I need any special travel insurance on my business trip outside EU?
How to calculate the personnel costs of my project?
What is the "Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality" at the University of Vienna?
What should I do when I want to recruit a new employee or need an employment contract for myself?
How to manage the vacations of your project members?
What are the new "Successive contract regulations"?
Where can I get a u:account-ID for a planned employment?
Where can I find the "SAP-Position-Number" (="SAP-Planstellennummer") for a planned employee?
Where do I get help concerning visa problems?
What is an "Aufnahmevereinbarung" and how do I get it?
What are the conditions for home-office?
Where to find German courses at the University of Vienna?
What should I do when I want to invite a guest?
What is the gross/net salary of standard FWF-funded personnel?
How do I get an overview of the (un-)used funds of my FWF-project?