Can I use my FWF grant to buy equipment such as a laptop?
Are there maximum amounts for travel and accomodation costs?
Can I ask for a travel subsidy?
Can I ask for a travel advance?
What is the salary schemes for University Staff according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement?
Which form should I use for reimbursements of material costs and online conference fees?
Should I take a train or a plane?
Is my hotel, insurance etc. taxable or non-taxable?
What are the daily and overnight allowances?
How can I refund a guest‘s travel expenses?
How can I refund my travel expenses?
How to calculate the personnel costs of my project?
Are there any guidelines for the administration of my project?
What is the form "Überweisungsanforderung" in FWF projects?
How can I have my expenses refunded from my project funds?
What should I do when I want to invite a guest?
What is the gross/net salary of standard FWF-funded personnel?
Will the FWF refund a social dinner during an event?
What is the deadline for annual or final reports to FWF?
How can I see the detailed costs and the personnel costs of my project?
How can I provide OpenAccess of my research results?
Does the lump sum of €15.000 expire in my ESPRIT-project after the first year?