Welcome at the Faculty of Mathematics

This page should help you with the start of your employment or your project at the Faculty of Mathematics.

for project leaders

Start of your FWF project

Congratulation to your new project!

Please read the FAQs about "starting a project" and get familiar with the guidelines "General information on FWF projects" or "General information on §27 projects".

Hiring employees

If you need a working contract for you or your project members please fill out the form [PA/AP] and bring it to projektSERVICE 14 days before the begin of the employment at least.

Please note: the grant agreement doesn't replace the working contract!

Please ensure that one copy of the signed working contract is returned to the human resources department.

Visa / Residence

Regarding questions around visa or residence permits you can contact the Faculty's liaison officer Mag. Alan Hazivar (alan.hazivar@univie.ac.at) in office 04.129.
After some time at the faculty you might be eligible for a different legal title, like the Red-White-Red Card Plus. For a good overview of requirements please check this site: https://oead.at/en/to-austria/entry-and-residence

Running your project

For all questions concerning third-party funded projects please visit the webpage "HOW TO" or contact projektSERVICE.
general information

Information for project employees [internal page - please login here first]

Working together

Please get familiar with the "Code of Conduct" of the University of Vienna.

The Faculty of Mathematics offers also a Common Room in the third floor. Please take care of cleanliness of this room and provide some contribution to the costs of coffee.

Safe workplace

The SVP (safety advisors) of the Faculty Mathematics helps you to make your workplace safe and healthy and offers assistance in critical situations.

Please visit the webpage of SVP with the start of your employment.

Inviting researchers

Please note that all your visitors have to be registered by using the online-form [VISITORS] to ensure a workplace, keys, hotel reservations...


In order to obtain a telephone extension, please contact Martina Weisgram

Project employees cannot apply for an extension on their own but through their project leader.

Mail box

The mail boxes can be found in the ground floor.

How to find your mail:

  • Faculty members: on the right side under your name
  • Project leaders: on the left side under your name
  • Project employees: on the left side under the name of your project leader


The u:card works both as an employee ID card and as a library card. Employees who are currently employed with the University of Vienna can order their u:card via u:space.

Please click here for more information.


The Mathematics IT services provide IT support for the Faculty. You will be provided with a Faculty specific account with which you can use the provided computer as well as other Faculty services like the copiers/printing system. If there are any IT related problems, the math:IT team will be happy to help you!

In addition math:IT is the link to the Computer Center of the University which provides the official University account, for use with e-mail, Wi-Fi and more.

Official University account

Please use the following online form to set up your personal u:account (e-mail address and other uses):


You will then receive an email with your user ID and password. Please send the user ID to martina.weisgram@univie.ac.at

Should you have been employed or studying at the University of Vienna before, please use your existing u:account. Instructions can be found on the page linked above.

Request for tax reduction

Excellent incoming researchers (with habilitation) may request a substantial tax reduction, by means of an application to the Ministry of Finance. A profound impact for science in Austria must be demonstrated, but it is within the discretion of the ministry to grant the reduction. (Legal basis: "Zuzugsbegünstigungsverordnung 2016")

Health insurance (e-card)

Through your employment you will automatically be health insured. When you visit a doctor you need to present an e-card. Details on the e-card and how to get it can be found here: https://www.chipkarte.at/cdscontent/?contentid=10007.860036&portal=ecardportal

Living in Vienna

The Human Resources and Gender Equality unit strives to support new employees in creating the best possible professional and private environment. To allow for a good start at the University of Vienna, the following page provides important information for new employees.

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