Good bye!

Please find here important advice for termination of your employment at the Faculty of Mathematics.

Notification on End of Employment

Please fill out the form [PA/D1] "Notification on End of Employment" and send it together with the "Elektronisches Urlaubsblatt" to DLE Personalwesen und Frauenförderung. projektSERVICE can assist you with this procedure.

Office key /key card

Please return your key and/or key card on the last day in the office 10.140.

Office equipment

We ask you to remove all personal belongings from your office (including any extra furniture you might have brought) before returning your key.

Important: We do not have the possibility to store items and will have to remove any remaining items at your cost! Of course you can donate items to the Faculty, but please contact us in this case.


Any documents which should be shredded in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation can be disposed off in room 11.117.

IT Goods (Hardware)

If you have bought hardware via project funds or if hardware was bought for you from project funds (for example, laptops, tablets, video adapters, USB sticks, ...), or if you received hardware from the faculty (for example, video cables or adapters, USB sticks, ...), please return them to the IT services team (rooms 05.119, 05.121, 05.122) before leaving the faculty.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to purchase the equipment.

IT Goods (Software)

Please remember that you need to return, via the Self-Service Portal (, all software that was provided to you by the University, and that you need to uninstall it from all your devices.

University account

Please mind this information on termination deadlines of your university account:
These regulations only refer to the central services, not to faculty services for which the faculty account is used.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you all the best for your further career!