What happens after I've submitted a FWF-project in ELANE?

for "Application ad personam" (like Stand-alone project, International projects, Schrödinger-Fellowship,...):

  1. Please send the PDFs XYZ_NAME_Application.pdf and XYZ_NAME_Cover.pdf to projektSERVICE via E-mail.
  2. Sign the Cover-sheet and bring it to projektSERVICE

projektSERVICE will take care on the signature of our dean and will deliver the signed cover-sheet to FWF.

Only after the original signed cover-sheet has been deliverd to FWF the application is submitted!

You will get a note from projektSERVICE that the cover-sheet has been deliverd to FWF!


for "Application PROFI" (like SFB, Research-Groups, ESPRIT, START, 1000 Ideas..):

  1. please inform projektSERVICE as soon as you submit your application
  2. projektSERVICE (for ESPRIT, 1000 Ideas,..) or the Research Services (START, SFB, Research-Groups,...) will approve the application for the research institution.

After the formal check of FWF is done (2-3 weeks after submission) you will get an email from FWF, which contains the confirmation of submission and possible requests for corrections.

Please mind the internal ratification deadlines!

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