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Which form do I need to fill out before going on a work trip?

When travelling to any place outside of Vienna, either a Leave of Absence/Freistellung or a Travel Request/Reiseantrag has to be filed.

Leave of Absence:

  • the employee wants to travel
  • the employee receives income from the host institution
  • deadline: two weeks before the trip*
  • reimbursement of receipts (no food in FWF projects)
  • form: PA/F7


Travel Request:

  • the employee has to travel
  • deadline: depends on project leader/Dean's office*
  • reimbursement of receipts and allowances (per diems, kilometre allowance for car and train)
  • online: HR&FI services -> Travel requests


If you are travelling to EU countries (other than Germany) or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or the UK, you also have to file a request for an „A1-Bescheinigung“ with BVAEB.

When filing a travel request, the system guides you through it. Additionally to the generated pdf, please fill this form and attach it to your e-mail to BVAEB.

When applying for a leave of absence, please send the signed form to wien.zentralegruppe@bvaeb.sv.at with the subject line "A1-Antrag für xxx" - xxx being your 10-digit social security number.

*The A1-Bescheinigung should be requested one month before the trip.

If any questions remain, please contact Michael Dorninger.

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