[ADDITIONAL SUPPORT] Is there a Day Care Center for children?
[CONTRACT] What is the 6-years regulation for employment at the university?
[CONTRACT] What is the gross/net salary of standard FWF-funded personnel?
[CONTRACT] What should I do in the case of sickness?
[CONTRACT] Which form should I use for an "Application of Leave of Absence"(LOA)
[CONTRACT] Which form should I use if I want to recruit a new employee for my project?
[EVENTS] How to use the Sky Lounge for my event?
[OPEN-ACCESS] How can I provide Open Access by using PHAIDRA?
[OPEN-ACCESS] How does Open Access at the University of Vienna work?
[OPEN-ACCESS] What is the Open Access policy for FWF-funded projects?
[OPEN-ACCESS] What is the Springer Compact - Open Access?
[OVERHEADS] What is the overhead policy of the university?
[PROPOSAL] How to use a GANTT-CHART in LaTeX?
[PROPOSAL] Is there a limit of ongoing FWF projects and submissions?
[PROPOSAL] What is the "Action Plan for the Promotion of Women" at the University of Vienna?
[PROPOSAL] What is the internal submission procedure of a project?
[PROPOSAL] What is the PIC, VAT, short name, legal form,... of the University?
[REFUNDING] How to get a notebook from an FWF grant?
[REFUNDING] How to get invoices paid directly by the university (Q-Flow)?
[REFUNDING] Which currency converter should be used for the reimbursement?
[REFUNDING] Which form should I use for reimbursement of receipts?
[REPORTING] What is the deadline for annual or final reports to FWF?
[REPORTING] Where to sign on the final report to FWF?
[SAP] How can I see the detailed costs and the personnel costs of my project?
[TRAVEL] Do I need any special travel insurance on my business trip outside EU?
[TRAVEL] How to refund travel expenses?
[TRAVEL] What are the daily and overnight allowances?
[TRAVEL] Which form to fill out before an official trip?
[VISITOR] What should I do before a guest arrives (visitor form)?
[VISITOR] Where to find German courses at the University of Vienna?

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