[CALL] BRIDGE – the Programme


Deadline: 6th September 2016

The FFG’s BRIDGE Programme aims to close the "funding gap” between basic and applied research. BRIDGE acts as an umbrella structure for projects which are predominantly of basis research character. BRIDGE is operated in two differten programme lines – BRIDGE 1 and BRIDGE Early Stage and open to all fields of technology.


Target group SME, Large enterprises, Universities of applied sciences, Competence centres, Research facilities, Start-up
Topic Service Innovations, Society, Information technology, Human resources, Life sciences, Materials and production, Mobility, Security, Environment and energy, Further issues, Space
Type of service Funding, Advice
Förderinstrument C6 F Wissenschaftstransfer - BRIDGE/Frühphase
FFG Unit of organisation General programmes


Fund recipients

Research institutes defining a consortium together with Start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, major companies or centers of expertise. A consortium is requestet of single application by areserach institution (non-university research institutions and universities) - at least two partners (1 from science, 1 from industry). Projects that have a predominant basic research portion and hold a realistic potential for commercial exploitation, so that one or more companies can befound to co-finance or otherwise participate in the project.

Type of funding / Funding level

non-repayable subsidies (both programme lines); funding level up 90 % (BRIDGE Early Stage) or up to 75 % for small-sized companies, 70 % for medium-sized companies and up to 60 % for major companies (BRIDGE 1).

Application and decision process

invitations to spring tender (December to March), autumn tender (June to the start of September) - internal and external evaluation processing

Open for all research topics, scientists and companies of all specialist disciplines and sectors; research close to the foundation work, which will result in marketable results in the next 3-5 years.

Terms and duration of project funding

12-36 months

Eligible costs  BRIDGE 1

The majority of costs (at least 80 %) must be met by a research institute or the researcher. The participating companies, as the potential users of the research findings, contribute to the project by providing financial support as well as performance in kind and manpower (up to 20 %). Maximum funding volume (depends on the firm size): 60, 70 or 75 %.

Eligible costs  BRIDGE  Early Stage

The majority of costs (up to 90 %) must be met by the scientific partner. The participating companies, as the potential users of the research findings, contribute to the project by providing in kind serivce and manpower (at least 10 %). Maximum funding volume: up to 90 %. Get more information from the guidelines in English.