starting a project

How do I start my FWF project?

  1. You have to upload
    • a PR-abstract (Specifications PR summaries) in German and English,
    • a copy of your residence registration="Meldezettel" or your passport and also
    • the Data Management Plan (DMP)
    into ELANE. For a definition of research data please see Concordat on Open Research Data.
  2. Please define the date of project start:
    • 0-6 months after the descision you don't need any explanation
    • 6-12 months after the descision please send a short explanation for the delayed start to FWF
    • >12 months the FWF board has to decide (not recommended!) 

    If you start an ESPRIT-project you have to fill out the "Grant areement data" in ELANE. Our dean Univ.Prof. Dr. Radu Ioan Bot (4277 50772, radu.bot@univie.ac.at) is the "Authorised signatory" - not you! Please bring the funding contract to projektSERVICE. It has to be signed by our dean (not by you!). In addition to the funding contract we also need the "Unterstützungserklärung der Mentorin/des Mentors", signed by your mentor.

    If you start another project except ESPRIT you can sign the funding contract and bring it to projektSERVICE.

projektSERVICE will deliver the funding contract (and the "Unterstützungserklärung" for ESPRIT) to FWF.

Please don't forget: If you finance your employment by your project you have to apply for your an employment contract.

beginn daten forschungsdaten start des projekts fördervertrag förderungsvertrag unterschrift reisepass arbeitsvertrag anstellung

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