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What are the new "Successive contract regulations"?

The new successive contract regulations entered into force on October 1st, 2021.
It depends on the following three components:

  1. Maximum duration limit: 8 years in total
  2. Maximum number of fixed-term contracts: usually three fixed-term contracts in total
  3. There are also certain exceptions (e.g. professors, project staff, lecturers, substitute personnel ...)

There is no distinction between full and part time.

The maximum duration limit (8 years in total) does not get reset after a time interruption/break between fixed-term employment contracts.

Generally, when determining the maximum duration limit (8 years in total), employment contracts concluded before October 1, 2021 must also be taken into account. However, there are certain employment contracts that are excluded. If, and to what extent, certain employment contracts are not taken into account depends on the intended future employment or group classification.

If an existing employment contract as a project staff member is extended (in the same project), then the old legal situation continues to apply. This also applies in the event of a one-time extension (one-time extension to 10 or 12 years according to the current legal situation).


Please find in ➥intranet the information for the new Successive contract regulations.

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