Please check following points with the start of your project:




  1. First of all you should complete the formal matters.
    ➥FAQ-starting a project - "How do I start my FAF project?"
  2. In your documents from FWF you will find a form called "Überweisungsanforderung". With this form you can request money for non-personnel costs from FWF. Please use this form before non-personnel costs arise. The requested amount should last for about six months.
    ➥FAQ-starting a project - "What is the form 'Überweisungsanforderung' in FWF projects?"
  3. Please learn how to use the new system FIORI [HR4u]. Information about this system can be found in FAQs [HR4u] and in the Training materials HR & Finance Services.

    All topics concerning "Invoices, Travel&Financial Reports, Employee Self Service,..." are covered there!

    Here you can find some Guides concerning FIORI [HR4u].

  4. Become familiar with the administration of your project by reading the Guidelines for FWF-projects:
    ➥FAQ-starting a project - "Are there any guidelines for the administration of my project?"
  5. Please read the FAQs [Q-Flow] about the possibility to pay your invoicies via Q-FLOW.

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