Open Science Clinique: RRI and Open Science in competitive proposals


2019-02-26, 09:00-12:00

Open Science Clinique was an invaluable contribution that enriched our proposal”, testimonial from Clinique user Samir Suweis, Un Padova, coordinator of MSCA-ITN proposal

"Convincing and creative measures will be taken to guarantee the openness, reproducibility, dissemination and impact of the outputs" Evaluation Summary Report of MSCA-IF applicant, user of the Clinique.

In support of researchers and Grant Support Offices in research performing organisation in Vienna, H2020 Foster+ and Forschungsservice und Nachwuchsförderung (Universität Wien) offer the “Open Science Clinique” to grant applicants from all disciplines and career stages.

After 4 years of experimentation the Open Science Clinique has clear evidence that EU and national grants can gain a competitive edge at evaluation when Open Science is part of the research method design, as well as credibly integrated in Knowledge Exchange and Science Literacy strategies for Impact.