Habilitation training for female academics


2018-04-11, 09:00-17:00

Registration deadline: 2018-03-11

One of the most significant gender divides in academic careers is still that between a doctorate and a habilitation.

Successfully completing the habilitation process requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the academic world and its traditions for becoming one of its members. Women tend to have less access to informal information flows; among the main reasons are the facts that they are frequently involved in interdisciplinary work or obtain their habilitation externally, and that networks are still largely dominated by men.

This one-day training has the goal of providing senior female postdoctoral and habilitation candidates with concise information about the topic of habilitation - its significance for careers, the prerequisites and requirements, and the unwritten rules for successful habilitation.

Enrolment: Please send an e-mail with your CV and abstract of your habilitation project (1 page) to femail@univie.ac.at.