Getting Fit for Funding - How to write an effective proposal (2021W)


2021-11-24, 10:00-13:00

Financing their dissertation as well as their follow up research projects is a central question for young scientists. A thoughtful selection of funding bodies and well-planned project applications are essential in order to successfully receiving funding, especially when keeping limited research funds and usually highly competitive selection procedures in mind. This workshop provides a short overview about available funding bodies and various support programs and we will discuss requirements and assessment criteria of the programmes.

In the main part of the workshop, we will focus on how to write an effective proposal and we will 'slip into the mind of an evaluator'. Participants will train to evaluate a funding proposal and prepare an evaluation summary report. By comparing it with an official review helps to spot strengths and weaknesses of a research proposal. Additionally, a successful applicant will provide practical tips on preparing a successful grant application.