FWF Information Event on the ESPRIT Programme (english)


2021-04-14, 13:00-15:00

Starting in April 2021, ESPRIT offers highly qualified postdocs an improved opportunity for advancing their academic careers. ESPRIT strives to support researchers as best as possible in their career development, to integrate them into Austrian cutting-edge research, and to further promote equal opportunities and diversity. This change comes after an in-depth consultation process with several stakeholder groups, the results of which have been incorporated directly into the design of the new career advancement programme. This new programme will take the place of both the Hertha Firnberg and the Lise Meitner Programmes.

The objectives of ESPRIT are


  • to promote excellent, innovative research,
  • to retain, attract, and win back outstanding researchers and thus strengthen Austrian research institutes,
  • to support outstanding women researchers,
  • to promote career and skills development (develop/establish own research profile based on an independent research project),
  • to enhance career prospects (boost competitiveness through publications, collaborations, and increased visibility).

The FWF also places particular emphasis on the promotion of women.

Event Language: English