FFG-Innovation Voucher


for small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria to start ongoing research and innovation activities

Fund recipients

Start-ups, small and medium-sized companies (companies with less than 250 employees). A consortium is requestet of single applicant plus reserach institution (non-university research institutions and universities).

Type of funding / Funding level

non-repayable subsidies; these vouchers are earmarked at € 5,000 (100 %) or up to € 12,500 (can be made after payment of  20 % retention of max. € 10,000.). The funding intensity is therefore 80 %.

Application and decision process

submission of an application is possible at any time - swift approval processes

Terms and duration of project and funding

once a year - simplified completion (after final FFG audit - closing and transfer of the instalment)

Fundable plans include e.g.
Idea studies (such as concept developments, thematic and technologically open studies and studies which are not technological preliminary studies or accompanying studies, preparation for technological problem-solving), preparation work for a research, development and innovation project, support during the development of prototypes, analysis of technology transfer potential, analyses of the innovation potential of the company (process, product, technology), concepts for technical innovation management (in particular those associated with analyses regarding the innovation potential of the company)