ERC Work Programme 2022


Annual work programme for the European Research Council funded by the European Union’s Horizon Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Please find here the ERC call deadlines under Work Programme 2022:

  • Starting Grant 2022:
    2022-01-13 [Deadline]
    [Call opens 2021-09-23]
    For promising early-career researchers with 2 to 7 years experience after PhD
    Cut-off dates: PhD awarded from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2019 (inclusive)
  • Consolidator Grant 2022:
    2022-03-17 [Deadline]
    [Call opens 2021-10-19]
    For excellent researchers with 7 to 12 years experience after PhD

    Cut-off dates: PhD awarded from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2014 (inclusive)
  • Advanced Grant 2022:
    2022-04-28 [Deadline]
    [Call opens 2022-01-20]
    For established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements
  • Synergy Grant 2022:
    2021-11-10 [Deadline]
    [Call opens 2021-07-15]
    To address ambitious research questions that can only be answered by the coordinated work of a small group of 2-4 principal Investigators
  • Proof of Concept 2022:
    2021-10-14, 2022-02-15, 2022-05-19, 2022-09-29 [Deadlines]
    For existing ERC grant holders to bring their research ideas closer to market



please notice the internal submission procedure:
  1. submit (electronically) your application (full proposal) 2 weeks prior deadline to the University Office for Research Services & Career Development (
  2. Please have a closer look to the FAQs Horizon EUROPE at the University of Vienna [Research Services UniVie]