ERASMUS+ mobility for administrative staff


Mobility opportunities for all administrative/non-academic university staff.

ERASMUS+ mobility for administrative staff

The ERASMUS+ programme offers mobility opportunities not only for students but also academic staff. Administrative staff of the University of Vienna are eligible to stay abroad with Erasmus+ as well. During the Erasmus+ staff training employees are given opportunities of acquiring knowledge and professional experience abroad. Preferential treatment will be given to employees who apply for a stay abroad in connection with the strategic objectives of the University of Vienna

Target Group: All administrative/non-academic university staff.


Full-time or part-time non-academic university staff (minimum of 20 h/week) with an employment contract that has existed for at least 3 months before the stay abroad and will last for at least 6 more months after your return duration of stay: a minimum of 2 working days per stay and a maximum stay of 2 weeks work programme (including purpose, objectives, proposed activities …) and content-related support through direct or higher superior approval of the training programme as a business trip


After mobility and fulfillment of the formal criteria (see below) travel expenses, accommodation costs and per diems are reimbursed with up to 1.000€ per week. The costs are accounted as a business trip. There are no costs for your organizational unit if the cost of your business trip does not exceed € 1.000,- per week.

For the reimbursment of the costs the receipts, a proof of the stay abroad (see formulars) and an online report shall be submitted. A call to fill in the online report will be sent to you after your return via an EU-Service email address.


Please send you application to: 

The full application has to reach the International Office no later than 6 weeks before the mobility starts.  

Application documents: 

Required documents are an application form and a mobility agreement (see forms on the right column). For the documents the approval of the guest university and of the head of your organizational unit are required.

Approval of application:

The application forms are checked by the International Office. Final approval takes place through the department of Human Resources and Gender Equality. After approval a grant agreement will be sent through the International Office. This grant agreement has to be signed before mobility starts and be resent to the International Office.