[CALL] Special Research Programmes (SFB)


Deadline: 2022-09-30

For five to fifteen internationally outstanding researchers to establish research networks.

please notice the internal submission procedure
internal deadline: 2022-09-16


Target group

  • A core group of five to fifteen internationally outstanding researchers from all scientific/scholarly disciplines1, in particular from the humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences, form a special research programme at an Austrian research institution.
  • Participation in a special research programme is possible in addition to the currently applicable project number restriction of three FWF projects. Each researcher may only participate in a maximum of two SFBs, including participation in an SFB funded by the DFG in Germany.
  • Researchers who have a 25% affiliation with an Austrian research institution can participate in a special research programme2.
  • One researcher acts as coordinator (former spokesperson) of the special reseach programme.
  • The formal application is submitted by the Austrian research institution; all Austrian research institutions are eligible; there is no limit to the number of applications that can be submitted by a research institution. A research institution can thus submit several applications.


  • Establishment of research networks based on international standards through autonomous research concentration at a single university location
  • Building up of extremely productive, tightly interconnected research establishments for long-term and multi-/interdisciplinary3 work on complex research topics



  • already available research potential
  • The nucleus of researchers involved in the application must be sufficiently large and well qualified to be able to establish and run a research program of international standing within the scientific /scholarly profile of the participating research institution(s); a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 project part leaders (including the coordinator of the project); target quote of 30 % female researchers requested4; at least 50% of the project part leaders have to be located at a single university location5; commitment of all universities and research institutions participating



8 years, an interim review after 4 years decides on continuation


Benchmark 1,000,000 € per year