[CALL] Pre-Doc Fellowship (Dimitrov Endowment)


Deadline: 2020-02-28

For pre-docs to prepare an application for third-party funding for financing doctoral studies (920 EUR/month, social need)

Target group

Invited to apply are students in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences, who

  • have completed their master’s studies magna cum laude,
  • wish to pursue doctoral/PhD studies at an Austrian university, and
  • who can demonstrate social need.

Completion of the master’s studies may not lie more than 18 months in the past (cut-off date is the submission deadline).

Exceptions from this rule due to mandatory obligations (military service/civilian service, childcare, sickness/disability, etc.) are possible but require the submission of corresponding proof.

Applicants who have not yet completed their master’s studies by the submission deadline may apply provided they are able to subsequently submit the official diploma within six weeks.


The fellowships are intended to offer students in the field of mathematics, the natural sciences and the engineering sciences the opportunity to elaborate a competitive application for third-party funding in order to obtain secured financing for doctoral/PhD studies. 

Duration of the fellowship

The fellowships are awarded for a term of three to a maximum of six months and must be commenced within three months of announcement of the award.

Exceptions to this rule are possible due to unforeseen personal or family circumstances but require submission of the corresponding proof. 

Amount of the support

The amount of the fellowship comes to EUR 910.00 per month.

The fellowship is intended to make a contribution to covering the costs of living. Additional costs such as travel costs or print cost allowances cannot be applied for.

Disbursement of the fellowships occurs directly to the supported parties. Disbursement of the fellowship for a period of time prior to actual commencement is not provided for. 


The applicants are at liberty to also apply to other funding agencies. Such applications and information about their outcome must however be reported in writing to the Department for Fellowships and Awards of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

For proof of social need, upon application information on marital status and family size (number of children) as well as the applicant’s own assets or personal income evidence must be submitted.

Other income (such as other fellowship sources, study allowances, unemployment benefits, pension, etc.) must be disclosed. Employment with an extent of employment of more than ten hours per week is not allowed and will entail immediate cessation of disbursement.

Should fellows fail to adhere to the conditions of the fellowship, they must pay back their funding.  

Goal achievement

At the latest one month after termination of the period of support, the third-party funding application as well as proof of filing of the application with a national or international grant organisation must be submitted (by email to the Department of Fellowships and Awards of the ÖAW: stipendien.berichte(at)oeaw.ac.at).

In all publications resulting from the support, the notation “Supported in connection with pre-doc fellowships from the Dimitrov Endowment of ÖAW” or “Funded with the assistance of the Dimitrov Fellowship Programme of ÖAW” must be included.