[CALL] OeAD - Ernst Mach Grant - EPU China/Mongolia


Deadline: 1 Oct 2021

For incoming researchers (postdocs, PhD students) from China or Mongolia.


Eligible for application are

a) Postgraduates pursuing a doctoral/PhD programme at one of EPU’s member institutions in China or Mongolia;

b) Postdocs pursuing academic work at one of EPU’s member institutions in China or Mongolia;

applicants under a) have to prove that they pursue doctoral/PhD studies, applicants under b) have to prove that they are employed by the partner institution; the grants should serve the promotion of young academic talents, therefore, post docs should not have graduated longer than five years ago at the time of application; applicants must not have studied/pursued research or academic work in Austria in the last six months before taking up the grant; information about member institutions is available here:

1) Partners in China and Mongolia: [hier]

2) Partners in Austria: [here]

Maximum age: 35 years (born on or after Oct. 1st, 1985)

Language proficiency: depending on their study/research project, applicants have to prove good knowledge of English and/or German

If the study/research project in Austria is to be pursued in English (the written consent of the supervisor is needed), the TOEIC© (Test of English for International Communication) has to be completed successfully. In the areas of listening, reading, speaking, and writing candidates must at least achieve level B2. For more detailed Information, please follow www.ets.org/toeic Alternatively, the IELTS (level 5) may be used to prove sufficient language skills (www.ielts.org)

If the study/research project is pursued in German, one of the following certificates have to be presented: Austrian Language Diploma - ÖSD Zertifikat C1 or comparable tests like TestDaF (Level TDN4/5) or Goethezertifikat (level C1).

FAQs: Please check our list of frequently asked questions regarding the application process and eligibility for this grant.

The grants will only be awarded for projects that can be completed within the approved period (max. 9 months).

The following documents have to be uploaded with the online application at www.scholarships.at:

  • Two letters of recommendation by lecturers of the home university (EPU member institution in China or Mongolia). The recommendation letters do not require a specific form, but must bear the letterhead, date and signature of the person recommending the applicant as well as the stamp of the university/department and must not be older than six months at the time of application.
  • Consent of a lecturer at the Austrian host institution (EPU member institution) to academically supervise the applicant.
  • Scanned copy of your passport (page with name and photo)
  • Scanned copy of your university graduation certificates (Master, PhD or doctoral studies) as well as a German or English translation (appropriate confirmation from the home university (Foreign Office) in English)
  • Written consent from the home university (Foreign Office) to the application (in English)
  • Complete description of the research project (2-4 pages)

General Information:

  • Applicants who seek admission to a university in Austria have to contact the Institution of their choice directly.
  • Applicants who come to Austria to conduct research and, therefore, do not need to seek admission to university, have to prove sufficient knowledge of the language they wish to conduct their research in. The consent of an academic supervisor in Austria is needed.
  • Short-term grants (1 to 3 months) have priority in the period from January to June. Otherwise problems can arise as regards accommodation. When applying for a short-term grant therefore consideration should be given to applying primarily for the period of January to June.
  • The selection process for all grants is competitive, i.e. there is no legal claim to a grant even if all application requirements are fulfilled. The number of grants that will be awarded during one call depends on the quota and/or the available budget. Applicants may apply for several grants at the same time.
  • Grant holders must be present at their place of study in Austria to study or conduct their research project.
  • A shifting of the duration of your stay in Austria is generally not possible.
  • Once an application has been rejected, it will not be considered any further within the call. However, it is possible to re-apply for this grant with a revised application in the future.
  • Scholarships are granted for study/research at Austrian Eurasia-Pacific Uninet partner institutions only.
  • Applicants must comply with the admission regulations of the respective university