[CALL] L’ORÉAL Austria


Deadline: 2023-03-01

Fellowships for Young Female Scientists (Pre-docs and post-docs) in Basic Research


Information & Conditions

L’ORÉAL Austria, in collaboration with the Austrian UNESCO Commission and in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences, with the financial support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, awards fellowships for young basic researchers in the fields of medicine, the natural sciences or mathematics. For the funding, continuation or development of projects in Austria.

Applications for a L’ORÉAL Austria fellowship are open to female doctoral candidates or post-docs who

  • began their doctorate/PhD no more than three years ago (pre-docs) or completed their Dr./PhD no more than four years ago (post-docs),
  • are Austrian citizens or have been living in Austria for the last three years, and
  • submit a research project in any of the research areas mentioned above which will be conducted in Austria (projects in related disciplines pursuing an experimental research approach will also be considered),
  • have publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The fellowships are intended to promote talented female young researchers who can demonstrate either above-average degree scores or significant publications.

The aim is to support female researchers who are close to completing or have already completed (post-docs) their dissertations.
The fellowship is particularly intended for the following cases:

  • completion of a research project or a doctoral thesis
  • scientific development of a project proposal for the application at (inter)national third-party funding organisations
  • re-integration following a research stay abroad or parental leave

Applications for start-up or interim financing of dissertations are not accepted.
Applications for a post-doc-Fellowship are accepted even if the Dr./PhD degree has not been completed by the deadline date but will be completed before the fellowship is taken up (i.e. before the end of the year). In such a case, information about the planned date of completion of the Dr./PhD degree must be included in the application documents.

The project must be undertaken in Austria. If the fellowship is used to complete a pre-existing project, the interim results will be judged; if it is used to bridge projects (until the candidate has taken up a permanent or project post), an outline of the intended project or research orientation must be provided (including explanation of the research problem).


Exceptions can be made if proof can be provided of time taken off for childcare and must be established via communication with the Department of Fellowships and Awards prior to application.

Length of Funding

L’ORÉAL Austria fellowships are awarded for between 8 and a maximum of 12 months (pre-docs) or between 6 and 8 months (post-docs).

Extent of Funding

A L’ORÉAL Austria fellowship is funded in the amount of 25,000 Euros (before tax).