[CALL] FWF Principal Investigator Projects


Deadline: ongoing

For research projects (max. 48 months) of researchers who are working in Austria

Important information: The application mode for Principal Investigator Projects (previously called Stand-Alone Projects) switched from individual funding to funding via research institutions (PROFI, i.e. a switch from §26 to §27 of the Universities Act) starting March 20, 2023. From that point on, funding applications are submitted to FWF through the applicant’s research institution. For this reason, you will need to select the corresponding research institution in FWF’s electronic application portal elane to make sure the application is correctly allocated. There is no change to the required content and structure of applications for Principal Investigator Projects. 

Target group
Researchers of any discipline who are working in Austria

Funding of individual research in the area of non-profit oriented scholarly/scientific research

high research quality measured on an international scale

up to 48 months

Depending on the individual project project-specific costs (personnel and non-personnel costs) may be requested. The number of reviews required depends on the level of funding requested.