[CALL] FWF - netidee SCIENCE


Deadline: 2020-06-30 (extended)

for all disciplines who can contribute to promote the Internet in Austria

As the research arm of the netidee funding initiative, "netidee SCIENCE" is part of the largest private initiative for the promotion of the Internet in Austria. 

The netidee initiative is funded by the non-profit Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) in accordance with its purpose – to promote the Internet in Austria – using funds from Austrian domain administration activities.

On behalf of the IPA, the FWF has issued a call for basic research projects designed to promote the Internet in Austria as well as the technologies and methods necessary for that purpose.

Target group
Researchers from all disciplines who can contribute to the foundation's objectives in the areas of technology, natural sciences, business and economics, or social sciences.

Goals/purpose of the call
The funds from the netidee SCIENCE initiative are intended to promote research on par with the highest international standards in the fields mentioned above. In terms of content, the basic research activities funded in this call should make a sustainable contribution to expanding, strengthening and preserving the benefits of the Internet for all members of society.

For further information on the objectives of this funding initiative, please visit netidee SCIENCE.

Requirements, duration and amount of funds
The application requirements for these projects as well as the amount and duration of funding correspond to the FWF's requirements for its Stand-Alone Projects programme or Meitner Programme.

Specific information on the call
General project costs will be increased to 10% in Stand-Alone Projects or Lise Meitner Projects funded by the foundation.

Proposals for netidee SCIENCE grants can be submitted and approved in combination with up to three ongoing/submitted projects in the FWF's Stand-Alone Projects programme, International Programmes (bilateral projects) and Clinical Research (KLIF) programme.


  • Start:  15th January 2020
  • End: NEW DEADLINE: 30th June 2020; the possibility to submit via elane ends at 2:00 pm local time Vienna/Austria.
  • Applications are to be submitted in accordance with the guidelines for the Stand-Alone Projects Programme or Lise Meitner Programme (plus one additional application form) solely via the FWF's electronic application portal (elane).

Award decisions

  • Funding decisions will be made by the IPA on the basis of the FWF Board's recommendations.
  • The decision can be expected in October 2020 (there might be a delay due to the postponed deadline).

The IPA will make a total of €500,000.00 available for this call. Where the resources required for an excellent project to be funded by the IPA exceed the funding amount provided by the foundation, the FWF will fund the difference from its own budget.

Grant proposals which receive outstanding reviews but cannot be funded by the IPA will be funded directly by the FWF; in such cases, however, the special arrangement regarding additional general project costs will no longer apply.

Gerit Oberraufner or the relevant scientific project officers in the FWF's specialist departments.