[CALL] FWF - Joint Projects: Russia (RSF) - Austria


Deadline: 15 Mar 2021

For bilateral Russian-Austrian joint projects.

Austria – Russia: third open-topic call for Austrian-Russian research projects – cooperation with the Russian Science Foundation (RSF)

Russia is an important partner for the Austrian research community. Therefore, the FWF maintains close relations with its partner organisations in Russia and offers programmes for Austrian-Russian collaboration. On the basis of the cooperation agreement signed between them, the FWF and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) jointly announce the second call for proposals for bilateral research projects (joint projects).

In the first call, five Austrian-Russian research projects were approved from the fields of physics/astronomy, mathematics, biology/medicine, and economics. The RSF observes high international standards in its review process with the aim of funding internationally competitive research which will be published in top journals.

In the second call, closely integrated projects from all areas of scientific research can be funded. The project applications must be submitted in parallel to the RSF and the FWF in accordance with the application guidelines of each funding organisation. The deadline for submission shall be in March 2021 (date of postmark for the FWF).