[CALL] FWF-GAČR: Czech-Austrian Joint Projects


Deadline: 16 Mar 2018

For bilateral Czech-Austrian Joint Research Projects up to 3 years.

FWF together with its Czech partner organization GA ČR jointly launch their fourth call for closely integrated bilateral Austrian-Czech research projects („Joint Projects“). Proposals will be administered according to the “Lead Agency Principle”. FWF will take the role as Lead Agency.

Joint Research Projects should combine the complementary expertise of the project partners; therefore the project parts should be closely integrated and there should be relevant scientific input from both sides.

Project duration

Joint Projects submitted to the call between FWF and GA ČR can have a duration of up to three years.

Thematic scope of the call

The call is open to all areas of scientific research, including clinical research.


Joint proposals must be submitted via the FWF Elane system (http://elane.fwf.ac.at) to FWF by 16 March 2018.

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