[CALL] FWF: Emerging Fields


for 3–7 internationally outstanding researchers at one or more Austrian research institutions

Internal deadline: 2023-01-18

Deadline: 2023-02-01

please mind the internal deadline 2023-01-18


Target group
Teams of 3–7 internationally outstanding researchers at one or more Austrian research institutions.

The Emerging Fields (EF) programme is aimed at teams of outstanding researchers who are doing pioneering work in basic research and are prepared to depart from established approaches. The aim of the programme is to give researchers the opportunity to pursue particularly innovative, original, and/or high-risk ideas that are often not sufficiently supported by traditional funding instruments. The chosen approaches can vary widely. For example, researchers can directly challenge fundamental elements of traditional models or approaches in their field, combine theories and methods from different disciplines, or harness new technologies to identify new problems or look at old ones from a new perspective. Ultimately, researchers' ideas must have the potential to transform a field of research and/or create a paradigm shift within or between disciplines.

The programme is particularly open to interdisciplinary teams and also to researchers involved in arts-based research who apply aesthetic and artistic methods, as well as to transdisciplinary approaches that involve non-academic participants from outside the scientific community.

High research quality measured on an international scale

5 years

Amount of funding
Minimum €3 up to maximum €6 million for 5 years


  • End of the call for proposals: 1 February 2023; the possibility to submit via elane ends at 14:00 (2 pm) Vienna local time 
  • Call for proposals: every 2 years