Deadline: 2020-09-02

Open to all research topics

Eligible projects

Projects with predominant basic research relevance are funded, which already show a realistic utilization potential, so that one or more companies are ready to co-finance the project or to participate in the project. The funding is open to all research topics.

Further options

A BRIDGE Young Scientists call is currently not planned. In BRIDGE 1, however, it is possible to integrate young researchers into projects. Accompanying workshops for the Young Scientists will be continued. Clinical studies are not the focus of the BRIDGE program and are therefore not funded. However, clinical pilot studies can be funded for the first-time testing or validation of an active ingredient, therapy concept or a medical device up to a maximum of 30% of the total project costs. However, the clinical study must not be the research focus of the project (innovation since the 31st call).


The focus of the project costs (at least 80%) lies with the research institute or the researcher. The companies as possible implementers of the results contribute financially and by providing in-kind and work services (maximum 20%) to the project. Maximum funding amount: 80% (upper limit of total funding is € 360,000).

Eligible applicants

Applicants can be research institutes or companies. The consortium must consist of at least two partners (1 science, 1 economy). In principle, K-Centers (COMET) are entitled to apply, but the project must be a new research topic (the demarcation from the existing research program must be demonstrated accordingly); it should also be companies that are not already integrated in the competence center. New collaborations have advantages in the evaluation.

Project duration

Max. 36 months

Total funding of up to € 360,000 (example)

For projects with small companies, for example, project costs up to a maximum of € 450,000 can be applied so that 80% funding is possible. For medium-sized companies with a quota of 70%, total costs of up to € 514,000 are possible, for large companies (60%) max. € 600,000. Read the examples in the guide starting on page 33.


Start of tender: June 10, 2020
Submission deadline (eCall): September 2, 2020 - 12:00 p.m.


The award meeting for the 32nd BRIDGE 1 call will take place as part of the Advisory Board meeting in the Basic Programs area on December 2, 2020. The importance of the scientific quality and excellence of the projects, as well as the assessment of whether it is primarily basic work, is carried out by external experts with the appropriate qualifications in the relevant area of ​​basic research. FFG experts assess the implementation potential. The final overall assessment of all criteria is carried out by an advisory board, which was set up by the FFG together with the FWF for program development and management, as well as the two previous expert assessments (scientific and economic).


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