Deadline: 2020-05-13

For big consortial projects ("turning science into technology", early stage research) -> open-topic call


FET Open calls for collaborative research and innovation actions that satisfy the FET Open 'gatekeepers':

  • Radical vision
  • Breakthrough technological target
  • Ambitious interdisciplinary research

The constantly high number of proposal submissions (more than 3000 since 2014) underlines the fierce competition for funding in the programme. Only truly excellent proposals have a chance to get funding.

The FET Program provides in 2019/20 approx. 230 Mio. Euro for groundbreaking technological research in almost any discipline.


Who can participate?
• Any type of legal entities: academia, industry, end-users…
• Minimum requirement: at least 3 independent legal entities from at
least 3 different EU countries or countries associated to H2020
• Only participants from European, accociated and developing countries
get funded

Funding: FET Open = Research and Innovation Action:
• Funding rate 100% of eligible direct costs*
• + 25% thereof to cover indirect costs
• for any type of legal entity

Eligable direct costs:
• Travel costs and related subsistence allowance
• Costs for other [minor] goods and services
• Costs for subcontracting or for providing support to 3rd parties (cascade grants)
• Depreciation costs for equipment, infrastructure or other assets
• Capital and/or operating costs of large research infrastructures

Typical project parameters:
• budget: ≤ 3 M€
• consortia: 3 - 6 partners
• execution time: ~ 3 years

‘Light’ scheme:
• Light submission: single-stage, 15 pages (no cover page)
• Light administration: mid-term and final reviews based on periodic
S&T reports