[CALL] ESI: Workshop


Deadline: 2022-05-15

As a rule, the ESI schedules four to six thematic programmes and several workshops each year.


Proposals should be submitted in PDF-format to

A proposal must contain:

  • The names of the organizers, including a local organizer
  • A proposed time slot (programmes usually 1 - 3 months, workshops usually 1 or 2 weeks)
  • A brief but precise description of the scientific aims of the programme or workshop, about 2 - 3 pages in length
  • A list of scientists to be invited including some key contributors who ideally have already expressed their intention to participate
  • A description of potential interactions with local scientists and/or programmes at other institutions
  • An indication of additional sources of funding for participants including post-docs

Workshop proposals will be presented to the members of the Kollegium of the ESI to be discussed and evaluated for acceptance.

The extent of financial support for workshops by the ESI will typically be in the range of  EUR 12.000 - 20.000.