[CALL] Aktion Austria - Czech Republic


for bilateral projects, primarily for young researchers (mainly travel costs)

Deadline: 15th of March, 15th of May, 15th of September, 15th of October

The Aktion Austria – Czech Republic serves to promote mutual understanding between Austria and the Czech Republic. It supports the expansion of bilateral educational and scientific co-operation in all academic disciplines. The Aktion was founded in 1992 as a joint programme of the ministries responsible for science of both countries.


Besides scholarships for traditional degree (“diploma degree”) students, scientists and university lecturers the Aktion also offers a scholarship for postdoctoral dissertations (“Habilitation”) for research in the respective neighbouring country.

Focus of project funding:

  • Projects that lead to sustainable collaborations
  • Joint academic events for students, e.g. seminars or field trips
  • Joint bilateral academic events, such as symposia, conferences and workshops;
  • Research visits for scientific research;
  • Financial support for the publication of results of completed projects


The three bilateral funding programmes “Aktionen” support cooperation and transnational mobility in the tertiary sector between Austria and the three neighbouring countries Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The focus is on the support of young researchers. The different funding initiatives can be summarised as follows:

  • Transnational mobility through scholarship programmes
  • Bilateral co-operation projects
  • Promotion of the acquisition of the language of the neighbouring countries



A list of possible activities as well as the guidelines for submitting projects are available on the AKTION Austria – Czech Republic’s website: