[AWARD] Impact.Award


for UNIVIE's doctoral candidates with ongoing dissertation projects that have the potential for added-value

The award and funding go to doctoral candidates with ongoing dissertation projects that, in addition to scientific quality, have the potential to generate social, economic or cultural added-value. The results of the dissertation projects should reach new target groups, stimulate innovative activities or products, or contribute in other ways to solving societal challenges and thus act beyond the scientific community.

The award winners gain visibility within the University of Vienna. Selected projects receive targeted support to present their results to a broad public in suitable formats, increasing the potential for exploitation both economically and non-economically. In particular, this will be achieved via individual video productions in the style of TED talks for which the award winners will get coaching. On the other hand, activities that strengthen the knowledge and technology transfer of the results are supported. For these activities financial resources amounting to 12.000 Euro from the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs and in-kind contributions of the university are available.

Up to eight doctoral students of the University of Vienna will receive the Impact.Award. The best video productions (in the style of TED talks) are presented at the Dies Academicus 2022 and receive an additional awarding after public voting.