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The final ERC Work Programme 2021


Yesterday the final version of ERC Work Programme 2021 was published by the European Commission:

Please find here all dates:

(1) Starting Grant
Call opens: 25/02/2021
Call closes: 08/04/2021
Planned dates to inform applicants:
26/08/2021 [Step1]
20/12/2021 [Step2]

(2) Consolidator Grant

Call opens: 11/03/2021
Call closes: 20/04/2021
Planned dates to inform applicants:
22/11/2021 [Step1]
28/03/2022 [Step2]

(3) Advanced Grant

Call opens: 20/05/2021
Call closes: 31/08/2021
Planned dates to inform applicants:
28/01/2022 [Step1]
13/05/2022 [Step2]

As soon as a Grant opens projektSERIVCE-Mathematik will offer LaTeX-templates.

[ERC-StG-2021] [ERC-CoG-2021] [ERC-AdG-2021]

[ERC-Work Programme 2021]


Alice wants to submit an ERC-application


In this Episode of "ERC - a new approach" we want to present our short movie "Alice wants to submit an ERC-application":

This movie should remind you that we are still searching for Faculty members, who volunteer to act as GENERALIST in the [Simulation of the ERC - Evaluation Process].

Please volunteer to support our applicants!


p.s.: This movie was produced with TOONLY ( If you want similar for your project please contact us for assistance.


[Alice wants to submit an ERC-application]
[volunteer as GENERALIST]


Simulation of the ERC - Evaluation Process


As we have learned in Episode 2 of "ERC - a new approach" 70% of all ERC-applications are rejected in Step 1.
In Step 1 only the document B1 (5 pages of extended synopsis + CV +  track record) is assessed by GENERALISTS (not experts on the submitted research topic).

That's where we want to help our applicants by simulating this first Step of the ERC-evaluation process.

We want you to act as Generalist!

As in the real ERC Evaluation procedure you need not to be an expert on the topic of the proposed project to act as "Generalist". If you volunteer projektSERVICE will contact you with document B1 and ask you to answer the "Questions for the reviewers".

This simulation should help our applicants to improve their documents before submitting.

Please visit our web-page [Simulation of the ERC - Evaluation Process] and indicate that you volunteer to act as Generalist.

If you are an applicant of an ERC-Grant and want to get your document B1 "reviewed" by researchers of our Faculty please contact projektSERVICE as soon as possible.

[Simulation of the ERC - Evaluation Process]

[Questions for the reviewers]


The Evaluation Process


In the second episode of the series "ERC - a new approach" we want to deal with the evaluation process of an ERC-application.

It is very important to know that it is a two-step evaluation:

  • At Step 1 not the full scientific proposal but an extended synopsis (5 pages) with an extended CV will be assessed by GENERALISTS
  • At Step 2 the complete version of the proposal will be assessed also by SPECIALISTS

The Panel Members act as GENERALISTS and need not to be experts on your research field. Only in Step 2 your full proposal will also be read by SPECIALISTS, who are experts on your research field.

Only 30% of the applications will pass Step 1 – therefore the five pages of extended synopsis play a crucial role in the evaluation process.

[ERC evaluation process] [List of Panel Members]

[Questions for the reviewers] [Graphic: ERC Evaluation Process]


The Work Programme 2021


Due to the late adoption of the EU Budget 2021-2027 and the Horizon Europe programme the first ERC Calls in 2021 will be delayed and none of the ERC Calls are open yet.

There exists a draft version the final version of the Work Programme 2021, which contains following indicative deadlines:

2021-03-24: ERC Starting Grant
(has been shifted from 2021-03-09)

2021-04-20: ERC Consolidator Grant

2021-08-31: ERC Advanced Grant

2021-03-16, 2021-06-17, 2021-10-20: Proof of Concept Grant


Some new main features in WP2021:

  • There will be no Synergy Grant under the Work Programme 2021
  • For Advanced Grant, applicant Principal Investigators whose proposals are retained for the second step of the evaluation will be invited to present their proposal to the evaluation panel.
  • It is no longer possible for applicants to opt out of the submission of Research Data Management plans.

[ERC Work Programme 2021] [ERC StG] [ERC CoG] [ERC AdG]

[ERC-Work Programme 2021]