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sounding board )))
The projektSERVICE wants to promote the exchange of knowledge concerning project application between researchers with extensive experience and those with less experience.
costs calculation
Find here some tools for calculating your project costs.
Please fill out this form before arrival of the visitor! You can also leave a hotel request.
office request-others
Not necessary for employees; for official visitors use tool ┬╗visitor-form.
If you are planning to organize a conference or a workshop, the projektSERVICE can provide a web-page for your event.
extended SAP
If you need information about the costs of your project you can ask here for an extended SAP-export.
See here a list of hotels.
See here all data of your project.
project web-page
If you want a webpage for your project the projektSERVICE can provide a template and a tool for editing a webpage.
Phaidra - Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets Phaidra has been the comprehensive, all-university Digital Asset Management System for permanent archiving functions of the University of Vienna since 2008
Set a reminder and projektSERVICE will contact you by email in time.

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