[CALL] Living Standards Award 2018


Deadline: 2017-09-30

for innovative enterprises, private and public-sector organizations, research institutions, start-ups which use standards in an exemplary way and optimally take account of strategic considerations in the development of standards.

The Award is also open to individuals and it is also possible to nominate somebody else.

Efficient product development, successful test methods or fast innovation and technology transfer - in which fields do standards play a crucial role for you?

What is eligible for the Award?

  • Strategically oriented application of standards;
  • Strategic management of standards at several international locations;
  • Exemplary development of new/existing standards at the national/international level;
  • Successful implementation of an innovative project involving the application/development of standards;
  • Early consideration of standards in an emerging topic (early adopter);
  • Other extraordinary achievements in the context of standards (e.g. scientific paper).