The Guidelines for the Lise Meitner Programme have been amended on 1st February 2017


 Main changes:

new regulationold regulation


- INCOMING: fulfilling not the principle of territoriality
- REINTEGRATION: main place of residence has been outside of Austria for at least four years


fulfilling not the principle of territoriality


- 24 months- 12 to 24 months

Project specific costs

- EUR 12.000 including EUR 2.000/year for coaching or personal development


- EUR 10.000

Required enclosures
- Career development plan
- Letter of recommendation from the co-applicant
- Letter from the Austrian host research facility


In order to further enhance Austria's research potential and to support the country's science and research system effectively, it is crucial to provide ample support for junior researchers. One key pillar of the FWF's funding approach involves enabling young researchers to work towards full independence in research as well as providing them with prospects for international mobility and opportunities to return to Austria after conducting research abroad.

The new Lise Meitner Programme ("Incoming/Reintegration") serves to optimize the FWF's grant opportunities for early-stage post-doctoral researchers. In the new programme, the FWF has expanded its career advancement mechanisms for post-docs to include
(i) brain gain/circulation,
(ii) reintegration and
(iii) the development of human potential.
These changes will allow the FWF to fulfil one of its core mandates – that is, to enhance Austria's research output in both qualitative and quantitative terms – even more effectively.

The new Lise Meitner Programme is designed to

  • enable highly qualified post-doctoral researchers from abroad to work at research institutions in Austria and to provide them with a maximum of support for their research and career development.
  • create added value by enabling cooperation between the mentor and the grantee, which will open up new areas of science and research and establish new research approaches, methods, processes and techniques at the host institution, as well as sustainably enhancing the quality of research at that institution.
  • integrate the Meitner grantee into the research institution and simultaneously contribute to "brain gain" in Austria.
  • encourage cooperation with the grantees' home countries.
  • provide opportunities for researchers who have left Austria temporarily to return to an Austrian research institution.

Target group

  1. post-doctoral researchers from abroad (incoming researchers);
  2. post-doctoral researchers who have left Austria and wish to return to an Austrian research institution (reintegration).

Projects can be up to 24 months in duration, and funding will be provided for the following: personnel costs, project materials, relocation costs, lump-sum allowances for any children accompanying the researcher, and career development measures (mentoring, funds for coaching and personnel development measures, networking activities).

The guidelines for the new Lise Meitner Programme ("Incoming/Reintegration") will go into effect on 1st February 2017; from that time onward, applications for funding under the new guidelines will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Applications under the current guidelines for the Lise Meitner programme can be submitted until 31st January 2017 (date of postmark).

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