2018-12-13, 09:00-17:00

Since 2006, the FWF has offered coaching workshops for researchers who already have concrete ideas for grant proposals and wish to submit an application for FWF funding in the near future (within approximately one year), and who are very likely to fulfil the requirements for a grant within a one-year time horizon.

From 2015 onward, potential applicants are required to possess sufficient general knowledge about the FWF (e.g. by attending an FWF information event) in order to take part in an FWF coaching workshop. These workshops are open to researchers from all disciplines.

FWF coaching workshops are designed to be highly practice-oriented, meaning that practical exercises are interspersed between input presentations by FWF experts. At the core of these workshops is an intensive discussion of real applications from the FWF's day-to-day work along with the accompanying reviews and revisions as well as their consequences for funding decisions (do's and don'ts, opportunities and pitfalls). In addition, specific aspects of the review and decision processes as well as issues related to project execution (in the case of an approval) are discussed briefly.

In order to enable in-depth discussions and effective coaching, the number of participants is limited to 20.

Coaching workshops last one full day (9 am to 5 pm),
and the workshop fee is EUR 75.00 per person, including all workshop materials, catering and photos from the workshop. Most universities are prepared to cover part or all of the costs of attending these events.

FWF coaching workshops are held on "neutral ground" – generally in a seminar hotel or in the FWF's building (Haus der Forschung) in Vienna. This ensures that excellent infrastructure is available and that the participants and trainers can devote their full and undivided attention to the workshop.

Coaching workshops are scheduled in cooperation with the universities' research support units as far in advance as possible; the dates are announced on the FWF website, and the workshops are held at various university locations. Upon request, coaching workshops can also be tailored for specific target groups. The number of workshops held is determined by demand and the FWF's capacity. In order to ensure sufficient time for planning and organisation, the lead time for a coaching workshop is at least four months from the time of the request to the date of the actual workshop.

At these workshops, the participants should have a "homogeneous", shared background (same research discipline, same career stage, same sex, etc.). The participants should already have an idea of the research project for which they wish to request funding. Special workshops are largely similar in content and are run in the same way as coaching workshops, but the topics (funding programmes) covered are adapted to focus more on the interests of the participants.

The duration of these workshops varies according to the target group (usually 4 to 8 hours). The FWF organizes the workshop (i.e. venue, infrastructure, catering), the research institution or group is responsible for the registration of the participants. In order to cover its costs, the FWF charges a flat fee of EUR 1,500 for these workshops.