[CALL] FWF - Joint Projects: Luxemburg - Austria


FWF acts as Lead Agency: no deadline

Proposal/Project description is submitted to FWF, following the application guidelines of FWF stand-alone projects (“Einzelprojekte”) as published in April 2016.

Applications to FWF must include additional information on:

  • Table including the distribution of person months between the Luxemburg and the Austrian partners (also including personnel that is not financed by FNR or FWF)
  • The distribution of work between the partners
  • the added value of the co-operation
  • separate budget justifications for the Austrian and the Luxembourgish part (both for personnel and non-personnel costs)

For Luxemburg applicants the eligibility criteria as well as the cost guidelines set forth in the FNR CORE Programme apply. Please consult www.fnr.lu for details.

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