[CALL] FWF - Joint Projects: CEUS Austria - Czech - Poland - Slovenia


a call for bilateral research projects

FWF acts as Lead Agency: no deadline


The Austrian Science Fund (FWF), together with the Czech Science Foundation (Grantová agentura Česke republiky, GA ČR), the National Science Centre of Poland (NCN, Narodowe Centrum Nauki), and the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS, Javna agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije), has established the Central European Science Partnership (CEUS) in order to intensify the scientific links between researchers from Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia. Together, the four research funding organisations offer the possibility to apply for Joint Research Projects between researchers from two or three of the partner countries. Joint Research Projects must combine the complementary expertise of the project partners. The project parts should be closely integrated, combining substantial scientific input from all partners.


Number of partners

Joint Projects submitted in response to this call can include partners from either two or three of the partner countries. Proposals involving partners from all four countries are not eligible.


Project duration

Proposals for bilateral Joint Projects between partners from Austria and Poland can have a maximum duration of four years.
Bi- or trilateral projects involving partners from the Czech Republic and/or Slovenia can have a maximum duration of three years.


How to define the Lead Agency

The choice of the Lead Agency is up to the applicants. However, the following thresholds apply:
- Bilateral projects: at least 40% of the entire project costs must be requested from the Lead Agency.
- Trilateral projects: at least 25% of the entire project costs must be requested from the Lead Agency.



The deadline depends on the Lead Agency.

FWF acts as Lead Agencyno deadline
ARRS acts as Lead Agencytbd
GA ČR acts as Lead Agency7 April 2020
NCN acts as Lead Agency15 December 2020