[CALL] OeAD - Ernst Mach Grant - ASEA-UNINET


for incoming researchers

Deadline: 31. 03. 2017

Country of origin: Indonesia; Philippines; Thailand; Viet Nam

Target country: Austria

Eligible for application are

  1. Graduates of artistic fields for a study visit in the field of music.
  2. Postgraduates pursuing a doctorate/PhD-program in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam.
  3. Postgraduates who want to carry out a doctorate/PhD-program in Austria and fulfill the requirements for admission.
  4. Post docs who are involved in teaching and research at a university in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam.

In the fields of economic and social sciences, economic topics with a connection to technology or industry are preferred.

Maximum age:

  • graduates and postgraduates: 35 years 
  • post docs: 45 years


  • graduates, post docs: 1 to 9 months
  • postgraduates: max. 36 months

1) Monthly grant rate

  • for graduates, postgraduates: 1.050 EUR
  • for post docs: 1.150 EUR

2) Accident and health insurance, accomodation

  • If necessary, the OeAD-GmbH will take out an accident and health insurance on behalf of the grant recipient.
  • The OeAD-GmbH will endeavor to provide accomodation (student hall of residence or flat) for recipients of grants who wish to get accommodation arranged by the OeAD. Monthly costs: 220 to 470 EUR (depending on how much comfort the grant recipients want). An administrative fee of 18 EUR per month is payable to the OeAD-GmbH for arranging accommodation. The costs for insurance and accommodation have to be paid out of the grant by the grant recipients.

3) Recipients of grants are exempted from paying tuition fees.

4) Recipients of grants will receive an additional travel costs subsidy of max. 730 EUR against submission of original travel documents.